Adam Cantor “2010 Hoosier Guitar Idol” records at Sweet Owen Sound, whoa….

Who would have thought such a high quality studio could be found in the heart of Owen County?  As I take a break from the process of editing the tracks we recorded yesterday, I reflect on what a perfect environment Sweet Owen Sound is for recording.  The studio is pristine and has an enormous selection of microphones.  Tom is extraordinarily pleasant to work with.  My album is entirely original fingerstyle acoustic guitar pieces.  Tom mic’d my guitar with four microphones, three on a deca tree (a ribbon and two condensers) and a mini shotgun condenser on my guitar.  These microphones make my guitar sound like a symphony, which is amazing.  Tom has been very flexible, and does a great job at leading me in the right direction in recording decisions, but at the same time he is open to my suggestions along the way.  He even offered to make a couple videos of my studio recordings free of charge.  I hope to be back at Sweet Owen Sound again down the road!

Adam Cantor

Adam Cantor photo