What microphones were used in Adam Cantors Sceyence?

Adam Cantor recently asked me what microphones were used in his recording Sceyence.  Here is the recording chain including the microphones, premaps and digital converters usedWarning don’t try this at home or you will make an incredible recording of your refrigerator and every other machine running in your house and neighborhood, not to mention cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, chain saws, and airplanes nearby.  For more information see my post Rationalizing priorities in choosing a room to record in .

There were 4 microphones used throughout the recording.  AEA R84 ribbon microphone, a stereo pair of AKG414s and a DPA 4099G.  The AKGs and the DPA are condenser microphones.  An AEA TRP (The Ribbon Pre) preamplifier was used for the AEA R84.  The stereo pair AKG 414’s and the DPA 4099G were using preamp channels in a Focusrite ISA428.  Lynx Studio Technology converters were used for each microphone.

The three microphones that are heard on every track are the R84 and the AKGs.  They were set up in a Decca Tree. The R84 was the center and the AKGS were wing mics.  If you are recording in a great room this set up will give your recording lots of character.  The fourth mic, the DPA 4099G is an equally incredible mic, which I often use as a single mic on a guitar.  In this case it is only heard on a few songs where the register changes and the tunings did not generate even tonal performance.  This mic was included in sections where the delicate nature of particular section of music and the register of the guitar needed different equalization.

The incredible AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone.