Personal Headphone Mixes

Starting in April of 2017 Sweet Owen Sound has started using personal headphone mixers controlled by the musician in the studio.  My previous system has great sound quality but had to be mixed from the control room.  The new personal mixing system greatly speeds up getting the headphones right and allows much finer control.

In my consulting work I’ve recommended and installed headphone systems in churches that have a band on stage. They really solve a problem for modest acoustic spaces with drums, electric guitars and vocalist who want to hear themselves. However for my studio the high cost and unremarkable sound quality kept me from investing.

Recently the Behriger Powerplay P16-I and P16-M components came to my attention. They have a great feature set and are easy to use. The mains section has a 3 band EQ (with a parametric mid-range), a limiter,  and master volume. The channel selector has an illuminated button for each of the 16 channels, stereo pan and volume. You can solo and mute channels. The best feature of all is that they sound great.

Book some time and see how well it works!