Audition Recordings

Sweet Owen Sound provides audio and video recording services to musicians entering International Competitions, auditioning for graduate schools and professional positions. I’ve made audition recordings for Jacobs School of Music, Julliard and the New York Philharmonic, to name a few.

For Sweet Owen Sound the challenge is to get into the room and be set up as quickly as possible. Experience and detailed planning are important to ensure the recording process does not create additional stress for the artist.

I appreciate the kind permission of the artist to allow me to post the video as an example of my on location recording service (Audition Recording Example)

Technical Details

The audio in this example was recorded at 96K/24 bit, video was captured in HD 1080P (1920x1080x30fps). I also brought a small Fresnel lamp for fill light. Sweet Owen Sound records up to 4K  ProRes HQ 10 bit video and audio up to 192K/24 bit.

This recording captured a very live room sound. This was achieved entirely by microphone placement and pattern choices, no editing or additional reverb has been added. A more focused sound with less room reverberation is easily achieved by changing the microphone placement and choosing different pickup patterns.