I Can See Clearly Now

I Can See Clearly Now

As my birthday was approaching recently, thoughts about how I would like to celebrate the day settled on taking pictures of our dogs and recording “I Can See Clearly”  My thinking was clear, you can never have enough good pictures of your dogs, and it […]

Personal Headphone Mixes

Starting in April of 2017 Sweet Owen Sound has started using personal headphone mixers controlled by the musician in the studio.  My previous system has great sound quality but had to be mixed from the control room.  The new personal mixing system greatly speeds up […]

What microphones were used in Adam Cantors Sceyence?

Adam Cantor recently asked me what microphones were used in his recording Sceyence.  Here is the recording chain including the microphones, premaps and digital converters usedWarning don’t try this at home or you will make an incredible recording of your refrigerator and every other machine running in your house and neighborhood, not to mention cars, motorcycles, lawnmowers, chain saws, and airplanes nearby.  For more information see my post Rationalizing priorities in choosing a room to record in .

There were 4 microphones used throughout the recording.  AEA R84 ribbon microphone, a stereo pair of AKG414s and a DPA 4099G.  The AKGs and the DPA are condenser microphones.  An AEA TRP (The Ribbon Pre) preamplifier was used for the AEA R84.  The stereo pair AKG 414’s and the DPA 4099G were using preamp channels in a Focusrite ISA428.  Lynx Studio Technology converters were used for each microphone.

The three microphones that are heard on every track are the R84 and the AKGs.  They were set up in a Decca Tree. The R84 was the center and the AKGS were wing mics.  If you are recording in a great room this set up will give your recording lots of character.  The fourth mic, the DPA 4099G is an equally incredible mic, which I often use as a single mic on a guitar.  In this case it is only heard on a few songs where the register changes and the tunings did not generate even tonal performance.  This mic was included in sections where the delicate nature of particular section of music and the register of the guitar needed different equalization.

The incredible AEA R84 Ribbon Microphone.

Adam Cantor artwork for Sceyence

Here is the album cover art work for Sceyence, and album of original music performed by Adam Cantor.  You can find detailed information about the artist at Adams Facebook page.  

Rationalizing priorities in choosing a room to record in

Let’s assume that you are a mature musician who is fully in command of your musical skills. You have the ability and depth to express music, and you are ready to make a recording. What is the single most important recording decision you can make? […]

Petar Jankovic Ensemble

The Petar Jankovic Ensemble (PJE) has performed all over the world! They have been featured on NPR’s Performance Today, and they recorded ‘from Spain to Tango’ at Sweet Owen Sound. Here is a link to some of the rave reviews it has received!

This recording was approached as a live studio recording. PJE played in the main studio as if they were performing on stage. Individual microphones were recording each instrument while multiple takes of each movement were recorded. Every edit was applied to every microphone in the take before a composite set of tracks representing each instrument was rendered. All mixing and production work was performed on the composite instrument tracks. While this is not the quickest or easiest way to edit a live multi-track recording it is an exquisite way to retain the live feel of a room recording and allow individual processing of each instrument input.

Nemanja Ostoich

Nemanja Ostoich

Classical guitarist Nemanja Ostoich recorded his CD ‘first born‘ at Sweet Owen Sound.  This album features music by Barrios, Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Morreno-Torroba, Bogdanović, Brouwer, and Koskin. This album was produced by Tom Yeiser at Sweet Owen Sound, and it was a particular pleasure to read the […]

Things you won’t find at Sweet Owen Sound

Audio quality is mostly a function of the room, microphone, preamplifier, and converters in use that create the digital files that audio workstations manipulate. The audio workstation either does the math behind the scenes correctly or does not. With this in mind things you won’t […]

Adam Cantor “2010 Hoosier Guitar Idol” records at Sweet Owen Sound, whoa….

Who would have thought such a high quality studio could be found in the heart of Owen County?  As I take a break from the process of editing the tracks we recorded yesterday, I reflect on what a perfect environment Sweet Owen Sound is for recording.  The studio is pristine and has an enormous selection of microphones.  Tom is extraordinarily pleasant to work with.  My album is entirely original fingerstyle acoustic guitar pieces.  Tom mic’d my guitar with four microphones, three on a deca tree (a ribbon and two condensers) and a mini shotgun condenser on my guitar.  These microphones make my guitar sound like a symphony, which is amazing.  Tom has been very flexible, and does a great job at leading me in the right direction in recording decisions, but at the same time he is open to my suggestions along the way.  He even offered to make a couple videos of my studio recordings free of charge.  I hope to be back at Sweet Owen Sound again down the road!

Adam Cantor


Adam Cantor photo

Recital Recording

Recital Recording

Sweet Owen Sound offers professional audio and video recordings of student recitals at Indiana University Jacobs’ School of Music at very reasonable prices. Often years in preparation recitals are for many students the culmination of their college education. Room recording using classical music recording techniques […]