Previous Recordings

Here are some of the people I’ve worked with recording recitals, audition materials, concerts, etc. This is not a complete list or in any particular order.


– Sunwoo Lee, Organ, Senior Recital
– Sunwoo Lee, Organ, Junior Recital/Demonstration of Fisk Organ/Auer Hall
– Joseph Galamba, Violin, Graduate Recital
– Rose Wollman, Viola Graduate Recital with Paul Ghun Kim Conductor, Ad Hoc orchestra


– Brennan Hall, Countertenor Performer Diploma Recital
– Yuseon Nam, Violin, Graduate Recital
– Anastasia Yingham Chin, Fortepiano, Graduate Recital
– Paloma Friedhoff Bello, Soprano, Soloist with Early Music Institute Baroque Orchestra

– Yoni Gertner, Viola, Hao-An Henry Cheng Conductor, Student Orchestra Recital
– Christopher Grundy, Baritone, Graduate Recital
– Joo Yeon Song, Cello, Graduate Recital
– So Jung Kwak, Piano, Performer Diploma


– Ka Jeng Wong, Piano, Student Recital 1, Student Recital 2
– Mary Poole, Clarinet, Student Recital, Jamie Reeves, Conductor, Ad Hoc Orchestra
– Mary Poole Senior Recital
– Susan Paik, Violin, Graduate Recital
– Susan Paik, Violin, Audition Recordings, New Your Philharmonic, San Fransisco Symphony
– Evelyn Nelson Soprano, Performer Diploma Recital
– Aglaya Gonzalez, Viola, Performer Diploma Recital
– Brian Patrick Darsie, Baritone, Junior Recital
– Jeremy Gabbert, Violin, Performer Diploma Recital
– Jeremy Gabbert, Violin, Graduate Recital
– Nicholas Pulikowski, Tenor, Graduate Recital
– Julie Wyma, Soprano, Performer Diploma Recital
– Gregory Vartin-Foss, Double Bass, Senior Recital
– Maja Radovanlija, Guitar, Graduate Recital

Nander de Novaes before recital, Master of Music in Guitar
Nander de Novaes before recital, Master of Music in Guitar

– Daniel Rakita, Tenor, Senior Recital
– Jin-Ju Lee, Viola, Senior Recital
– Stephanie Bova, Piano, Senior Recital
– Stephanie Bova, Piano, Audition Recordings for Graduate School
– Oak Chung, Guitar, Graduate Recital
– Sarah, Saviet, Violin, Performer Diploma Recital
– Arron Schwebel, Violin, Graduate Recital
– Siobhan Deshauer, Violin, Junior Recital
– Siobhan Deshauer, Violin, Senior Recital


– Ran Seo, Violin, Senior Recital
– Hyun-Kyung Chun, Piano, Audition Recordings for Friends of Music Spring 2014 Travel Grant Competition
– Hyun-Kyung Chun, Piano, Audition Recordings for Undergraduate Piano Program
– Hyun-Kyung Chun, Piano, Audition Recordings, for Graduate Piano Programs
– Asitha Tennekoon, Tenor, Audition Materials
– Carol Dusdieker, Soprano, Graduate Lecture Recital
– Carol Dusdieker, Audition Materials
– Matthew Douglas Smith, Guitar, Senior Recital
– Rebeckah Valentine, Audition Materials


– Amanda Russo, Mezzo-soprano, Shéhérazade (Ravel), Paul Kim, Conductor, Ad Hoc Orchestra


– First United Methodist Church Bloomington IN., Elijah (Mendelssohn), Michael Schwartzkopf Conducting
– Logan Strawn, Viola, Graduate Recital
– Logan Strawn, Audition Materials, Hong Kong Philharmonic
– Nick Nessbit, Tenor, Audition Materials
– Ana Kim, Cello, Audition Materials


– Laurant Grillet, Viola, Audition Materials
– Elliot Kuhlman, double bass, Graduate Recital
– Jiwon Lee, Bachelor of Music, Junior Recital
– Glenna Toomey, Piano, Master of Music

Audition Video Example

– Chiara Sannicandro, Violin, Audition Videos
– Kathleen McLean, Bassoon, Chiel Meigering, Composer, Student String Orchestra, David Jang, Conductor

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to work for so many talented musicians, thank you!

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