Recital Option – Video


When shooting video I make an audio recording using Classical Music techniques with a Sound Devices 702 recorder (96K/24Bit). I simultaneously make a video recording with a Nikon D800 camera (1080x30P ProRes 422). In post production I merge the video recording with the Sound Devices audio recording. This produces a very high quality video recording. It is the way Hollywood and most professional video producers work.

Audition Video Example

Please note, once a video is posted to a service like YouTube the quality of the video may be degraded by the service for bandwidth issues, or by the playback capabilities of the device you are viewing it on.

Before the recital I will ask you to play the loudest passage from your recital and will need to get the camera focused at the spot where you will perform from. Please allow me a few minutes to ensure your recording is the best it can be.

I will provide you with an Audio CD of the recital and a Data Disc that includes video files (WMV 8Mbps 1080-30P) that you can load on your computer, share on Facebook or upload for auditions. If you would prefer another format or would like to know what that means, please let me know. If you would like to receive your materials in DVD format please let me know.

I charge a small additional fee to produce DVDs since they add hours to my production time. I index the DVDs by piece and by movement so you can watch the entire recital or select a specific scene. In some cases you may need to supply a score. I also create artwork to print on the DVD media. I’ve included an example below.

For archival purposes you are welcome to the original video and audio tracks.  These files contain significantly more data than MP4 or WMV video files and DVD or CD formats.  If you are interested in archiving this material for future use you will need to provide me an external hard disk with about 120 gigabytes of free space.

For information please send a Recital Information Contact Form. Thank you.