Recital Information

Sweet Owen Sound offers professional audio and video recordings of student recitals at Indiana University Jacobs’ School of Music at very reasonable prices. Often years in preparation recitals are for many students the culmination of their college education.

Room recording using classical music recording techniques and state of the art equipment found in independent movie and international news productions creates recordings that are broadcast and CD distribution quality.

Here is an example of a video recording made by Sweet Owen Sound in October of 2017. It is posted with the kind permission of the artist. Audition Video Example.

If you would like to get information about recording your recital please send a Recital Information Contact Form.  Useful information to include is your name, how to best contact you, when your recital is, what room, what instrument you play, how many musicians will perform, etc. Thank you.

State of the art Sound Device 702 audio recorder with stereo matched pair of Oktava MK-012 that have hand modified electronics by Michael Jolly.

Here are links for more information regarding; 1. Audio only recital recordings click Here! 2. Video recital recordings click Here! 3. JSoM students and Faculty I’ve recorded click Here!

Example of artwork for Recital DVDs.