Scheduling, booking

If you would like to schedule time please contact me HERE.

It is my hope that everyone will find Sweet Owen Sound a comfortable and relaxed place to make music.

For folks considering starting a project here I am happy to invite you out to visit the studio and talk about your project. It only makes sense that you would want to find a studio that sounds great, has a work flow that fits you and that is a fun place to be.

Many people ask how much it will cost to record an album. Of course I have no idea how to answer that. It depends on how perfect you want your recording to be, and how many tunes you want to record. Cost ultimately depends on how much time I spend working on your project. My advice to individuals during recording is always aimed at getting the best recording possible with the least amount of billable time.

Here are a few things to expect when working in the studio:
1. I bill by the session,
2. I will create an invoice for you at the end of each session.
3. Payment is due within 15 days
4. I will provide you with your work on digital media when payment is received,
5. I accept payment in cash, check and credit card.
6. I add 3% to credit card payments since the card service charges me 3%.

Unfortunately I’ve had the experience where people book time in the studio then cancel at the last minute or amazingly just not show up.  I have found it necessary to implement the following policy.

Deposits and Cancellation Policy.
1. New clients will be asked for a $50 deposit when booking time in the studio.
2. Clients with a history of canceling will be asked for a $50 deposit when booking time in the studio.
3. If you are asked for a deposit and you keep your booking time I will deduct the deposit from your invoice for the day.
4. If you cancel within 48 hours of scheduled time there will be $50 Cancellation Fee.
5. If you cancel within a time period of 7 days to 49 hours before a booked time there will be $25 Cancellation Fee.
6. If you cancel 8 days before a booked time I will return your deposit.