Starting a Project

I like to invite artist out while they are still in the planning stages of their project.  Getting a feel for a room and talking through the work flow of a project is time well spent.  Mapping out a project in the most realistic, efficient means possible may save you considerable time.  After visiting the studio you may decide that the feel of a live recording is better for you than the perfection of each part being recording in isolation, or the other way around.

If you haven’t been involved in a complete studio project before you may be surprised at how much time you should allocate for production.  Good recording technique and being well prepared are your best means at minimizing post production work, however great  studio work requires editing, mixing and mastering.  You might consider it similar to authoring a book.  Writing the first draft is like the recording process, editing and mixing is like the series of rewrites that eventually creates a work of art.  Post production time always takes longer than recording.