Studio Facilities

Studio Facilities

World Class Audio recordings are created in purpose built studios.

If you are a student of recording techonolgy you know that the first requirement of a professional recording studio is to keep outside noise out.  This is impossible with light weight walls, windows and doors used in residential construction and most commercial buildings.  Light weight walls, doors and windows let noise in.  The exterior wall at Sweet Owen Sound includes 6 inches of concrete.

The heating and air-conditioning systems were also custom designed for the studio.  Keeping outside noise out is kind of pointless if your heating and cooling creates noise inside.  Once the noise signature of a bedroom, basement, church or concert hall is captured in a recording it is part of the recording.  Like so many things in life, getting it right in the first place is much easier than trying to fix it later.

Once you have a quiet space the interior architecture will determine the quality of  sound that can be recorded with in it.  Frequency response, reverberation time, how diffuse the room is, how easy it is to play and hear in are all determined by the acoustic treatment of the interior spaces.  Each room in Sweet Owen Sound was designed for its purpose in the recording process before the building was built, and tweaked with sophisticated computer software before the studio opened for business.

The recording equipment, microphones, internal wiring, power conditioning, audio converters, preamplifiers, microphone cabling, etc., were all carefully selected to allow this space to record World Class Audio.

Studio software includes Sonar, CD Architect, Vegas Pro, Sound Forge Audio Studio, DVD Architect, Plural Eyes, Waves, Kontact, Battery, IR 1, and many more titles that get used on occasion.

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